Review of the Bionic Hair Dryer

This is a very high end dryer! If you can afford to purchase this you will not be disappointed. You mount this on your wall which I think is a really great idea, because that means there is one less thing that you have to worry about storing. The wattage on this super dry is 1600 so you will cut your drying time in half! You have a better conditioned look and your hair will look so much shinier. It was even referred to us by ZsiChimera a leading hair drying site!

Since this product cuts our drying time down by half you will not be less exposed to heat damage! This is great because with traditional driers we have to dry our hair longer meaning that our hair is all the more being affected by the heat. This static dryer blows the hair with millions of negative ions the reduces the size of the water droplets which helps the hair to dry faster,

This is a very compact design. Sometimes when a product is labeled compact it seems to not really have that great of a design. However, with this bionic dryer the look of it is very elegant regardless of the fact that it is compact. Also, there is a handy LED night light! This feature is just wonderful, at night when have use the restroom you won’t blind your eyes by having to turn a light on! You will have a subtle little light to show you the way to the toilet.

One thing that I can really appreciate about this product is that it is easy to set up! I don’t know about you but I have never been good at putting things together and working with tools! Well, there is really good news about this product is that you will not need any tools and the installation is so easy a child could probably figure out how to do it!

This will also shut off automatically. It has a nifty little sensor that lets it know when it has not been used for a few minutes. There are several temperatures that you can set the dryer to. There is also a five foot cord that allows moving about the bathroom easily without having to stop blow drying your hair to grab something across the way. The only thing that I wish was different about this product is that warranty. I mean I guess I am glad that is does have a warranty, but it is only for a year. In my personal opinion I feel like products should have two year warranties especially if they are higher priced items! Whatever, I will stop now before I go off into some tangent.

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